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dog grooming

A full groom is priced from £30 for a small dog and from £35 for a medium dog. These prices apply where the coat is well brushed by the owner between regular grooms and the dog has cooperative behaviour. Hand stripping wire or silk coats is a little extra.

The standard full service includes a simple health check followed by

Wash: using a coat-specific natural shampoo (glands expressed on request)
Dry: by hand with a free standing dryer, not a cabinet dryer
Brush: removal of dead hair and matts
Trim: scissoring, clipping or hand stripping as required
Nails: trimmed
Ears: drops applied to remove wax where necessary

Bath, dry and brush only prices start at £20.

Your dog is assessed individually and a quote can only be given once I have seen them. Appointments take from two hours depending on your dog's needs. The cost may vary from visit to visit depending on the condition of the coat as more tangles and matts means more time working on your pet. The best way to keep the cost down is to brush regularly between visits and I am always happy to advise on products and tools suitable for you to use at home.

Please note that I can accept payment by cash or cheque only.

A well-handled, socialised puppy makes everyone’s life much easier. Getting your dog used to being checked all over from an early age means they will be less fearful of visits to the vet and groomer.
Once your puppy has had its vaccinations, bring them in for a short time to roam around the salon where they can acquaint themselves with the sounds and smells, stand on the grooming table, have a quick nail trim if needed and plenty of treats and cuddles.
There is no charge for puppy play appointments.